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Your Success is Our Success

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SKILLSBUILDS works on skill nourishment that can be acquired by talents only by persistent learning. Skill enhances and helps to build a talent future ready to excel the competitive professional world. We will help to achieve proficiency in the versatile fields like professional networks, time management, financial management, better interaction & communication, negotiation skills, personality development etc.

Here in skillsbuilds we understand the need and demand of proper skill development and we focus on building such professional skills that would boost confidence in students as well as in working professionals. We provide certifications for courses which can help professionals for career hikes and promotions. Here we provide online interactive classes with regular test, assignment, and discussions. We provide personality development sessions to shape professional body language & basic etiquette required to behave in corporate world. Skillsbuilds will help to shape the career and achieve dream job and turn many more milestones of life.

So come forward and join us because we believe: your success is our success.



  • To create a platform where the students can enhance their skills and develop a confidence to face the corporate world.
  • The aim is to make the students A1 and corporate ready.
  • To groom students & professionals with right skills to right place.


  • To create an excellent academic environment.
  • To provide quality education over quantity.
  • To inculcate values, identify hidden talents, provide them opportunity to realize hidden potentials of the student.


  • To help individuals to seek right skills for right job at right place.
  • Quality education from professional experts.
  • Flexible timetables & enriched notes to guide.
  • To create better learning and knowledge acquisitions.

Methodology & Mechanism:

  • Virtual sessions with advance understanding on subjects
  • In-depth PPTs & PDFs of subjects featuring concise lessons.
  • Free Career counselling and improvements technique
  • Feasible time scheduled for professionals
  • Well-structured assignments and test.
  • Faculty members include: Reputed lecturers, teachers, working professionals.
  • Doubt clearing sessions and virtual workshops for better understanding.

soumya prakash sahu

Hi..! I’m Soumya Prakash Sahu, an English Educator. I teach English Literature and Linguistics to more than 500students both in online &offline mode. I train students to excel in their communicative skills, in order to crack their interviews and face the real corporate world.

Soumyashree Swain

Hi..! I’m Soumyashree Swain, a banking professional and an educator in Accounting and Financial mangement. I had trained several aspirarants seeking for different competative exams and banking jobs.
Through my coaching the students can easily get into professional banking jobs, online trading and many more.

Subhasmita Pattnaik

Hi..! I’m Subhasmita Pattnaik, a professional English Educator. I teach more than 500 students in both online and offline mode. I teach literature and Communicative skills in English by creating a supportive learning environment which helps the students to enhance their communicative skills and self confidence to face the world. Through my coaching students can develop excellent fluency in English language which will ultimately help them to create a good impression and relation with the peoples surrounding them both in personal and professional life.
Thank you.

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